Why Native Plants?

Why Natives?

#1 – Native plants save money! They prefer little to no soil amendments when planting, don’t like fertilizers and need far less water than non-native plants.

#2 – Native plants attract and feed the hummingbirds and butterflies that entertain us and grace our yards.
Many of the plants in our native plant sale attract pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies and bees! 

#3 – Native plants attract and help support native insects, birds and bees that eat the “pests” in the garden such as ants, fleas, aphids and flies. This can reduce pesticide usage and risk of exposure for pets and children. 

Check out our Native Plant Sale Online Store with over 60 native plant items available selected to be suitable for the general Tehachapi area.
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All of the plants have been checked for suitability for the Tehachapi area. There will also be a variety of plants and trees, some not on this list, available the day of the sale. However, those are limited, so please pre-order so that we can ensure your order. There are plant pictures on our website and you can order from there, or send your order form and a check to us by April 9th.