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2018 Conservation Poster Contest – Sponsored by Tehachapi Resource Conservation District

To All Our Friends in Conservation:

​The Tehachapi Resource Conservation District (SCD) is sponsoring a Soil and Water Stewardship Poster Contest for students in the Tehachapi area for kindergarten through fifth grade.
​We would appreciate your assistance in presenting this information to the faculty, teachers and students in your school. There is a colored flyer enclosed for you to post that will hopefully increase participation in the contest. Also enclosed is a copy of the contest rules. Please insure contestants incorporate the 2018 Soil Stewardship Theme, “Watersheds-Our Water, Our Home “ is on the poster.
We are conducting a district contest and awarding cash prizes and certificates to the top winners in each category. Three of the 1st Place winners will be entered in the national contest sponsored by the National Association of Conservation Districts. This is the first year ever for us sponsoring such an activity and we ask you to join in this celebration of youth and conservation.
We will be offering the following prizes for our Service Area: Kindergarten thru 4 grade with 3 winners in each grade. 1st place $40.00, 2nd place $30.00 and 3rd place $20.00. We also will provide them with a winning certificate and publishing their photo in the local papers.
​The district poster contest deadline will be ,October 23, 2018. If you have any posters to submit, please contact the district office by this date.
Any assistance you can provide with this matter will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, you may contact the Tehachapi Resource District Office at 661-945-2604 ext. 3139

Jeannine Giuffre
Tehachapi RCD Chairperson


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