TRCD Annual Native Plant Sale Begins Soon

The sixth annual native plant sale will soon be underway, and orders will be taken on-line or by mail through March 29, 2016. As in previous years, these plant sales have been offered jointly by the Desert-Mountain Resource Conservation and Development Council (DMRC&D) and the Tehachapi Resource Conservation District (TRCD). Some new drought resistant species will be offered such as a Manzanita ground-cover, and a lovely California Lilac hybrid. Also new this year is Brittlebush, a high desert shrub with large daisy-like flowers, and Deergrass, a large bunchgrass with delicate feathery plumes. Flowering plants such as Golden Currant, Holly-leaf Cherry, and three fragrant Sages will be offered again this year. Even though we have had wetter “El Niño” weather so far this year, we must remember that we haven’t yet recovered from the serious drought that has plagued California for the last three years.Homeowners should still try to conserve water use, and an important addition to that effort is to introduce native, drought resistant plants to home landscapes (though even native plants will need extra water the first year to establish).

Plant photos and plant descriptions, including soil, water requirements and freeze tolerance will be available soon on the Desert Mountain RC&D website. Click here for the Native Plant Order Form. Orders must be prepaid and received at the Ridgecrest of- fice of DMRC&D by March 31, 2016. Plants will be available for pickup on Saturday, April 9th, between 9am and 1:30 pm at the TRCD Office, 321 West "C" Street, corner of Mill and "C", Tehachapi.

The Tehachapi Resource Conservation District is a volunteer based Special District, welcoming community interest and participation. Please contact Carol Rush,, or call 661-549-0042, or Jeannine Giuffre: 661-979-6984, for additional information about the Tehachapi RCD. Please call the DMRC&D office at 760-446-1974 for more information about the native plant sale.


TRCD native plant sale

Purple Flowering Sage, Salvia leucophylla. Photo by Bert Wilson, ©Las Pilitas Nursery, used with permission of

TRCD native plant sale

Brittlebush or Incienso flowers, Encelia farinosa. Brittlebush will be newly offered in 2016. Photo by Bert Wilson, ©Las Pilitas Nursery, used with permission of